TV advertising campaign supporting the trademark “Zolotoy Petushok” will launch on Aug 18
— 2014-08-18 —

It will screen until Sep 10, 2014 on major Moscow channels.

A 15-second video clip starring George Doronov - actor of the most popular TV series “Voronin” that represents the target audience will air on channels: Russia-1, TNT, STS, Home 5, TVC

Products in clip: Nuggets, fillets, wings, "Grill", and Cordon Bleu

Communication idea: Excellent taste and natural ingredients of the product

Goal of the promotion is to increase knowledge to the consumer, to promote the company image, and to associate the company with a delicious family product which creates a positive, emotional attitude towards the brand.

Branding: “Zolotoy Petushok” – it is a “must have product” in the household – an essential attribute to a happy family.

The idea of ​​the video: modern, kind, funny family tale “Zolotoy Petushok", in which a tasty product "Zolotoy Petushok” is an essential part of everyday family happiness!

The plot is based on a harmless childish dispute about products and their taste, emphasizing a happy family environment.