Produkty Pitania constantly invests in the development of the production base, the latest technologies, the creation of innovative products and maintaining stable quality, logistics and product promotion.

We do not rest on our laurels and are implementing our new projects with the aim of developing vertically integrated production ..

 New investment projects 2016 - 2021:


Expansion of a vertically integrated poultry complex on an area of ​​30 hectares:

• In 2018, a cluster of 20 poultry houses for floor feeding of poultry with a total volume of 800,000 birds was put into operation simultaneously with the most modern equipment. The cluster is equipped with all the necessary engineering and technical equipment and the most modern electronic equipment for raising poultry and automatic control of temperature, humidity, water supply and feeding level.

• Also in 2018, a hatchery was put into operation in the Bagrationovsky district for 45 million eggs per year, the plot area is 19,000 sq. M., An industrial building with an area of ​​more than 7,000 sq. M: 4,000 sq. M. On the ground floor and 3,200 sq. Meters. technical. The hatchery is equipped with the most modern incubation equipment from the Dutch company Pas Reform.

• In 2020, the construction of another cluster of poultry houses of 50,000 square meters was completed. m, which allows us to produce more than 50% of finished products from our own raw materials. The total poultry population of the enterprise today is about 2.5 million heads.

The expansion of the poultry complex made it possible to increase the production volume up to 36,000 tons of poultry meat.

The next stage: the construction of 2 more clusters of 20 poultry houses, a feed mill and the creation of a mother herd.


Produkty Pitania is one of the largest investors of food processing industry in the Kaliningrad region.

Our successful performance in Kaliningrad strengthens the region’s overall investment portfolio and attracts other significant investors.