May 20, 2016: “Produkty Pitania” Company group won 6 gold medals and the Cup of the German Butchers' Association for high quality products at the international trade fair IFFA-2016 in Frankfurt am Main!

Produkty Pitania Kombinat became the winner of the International competition of meat products within the world’s leading trade fair IFFA-2016, which took place in Frankfurt am Main, Germany from 7 to 12 May 2016.

Our products under ТМ “Zolotoy Petushok” and Rossiyskaya Korona” became winners at the International Quality competition IFFA 2016!

Gold medals were awarded to the following products:

1). ‘ “Bolognese” Lasagna’ of ТМ “Rossiyskaya Korona”

(fast-frozen flour culinary dish)

2). Schnitzel with mashed potatoes in “Napolitano” sauce of TM “Rossiyskaya Korona”

(culinary product/meat dish with garnish)

3). Chicken pilaf of TM “Rossiyskaya Korona”

(culinary product)

4). Stewed beef of TM “Rossiyskaya Korona”

(canned meat. Stewed meat)

5). Chicken Chakhokhbili of TM “Zolotoy Petushok”

(canned poultry)

6). Chicken Au-Jus of TM “Zolotoy Petushok”

(canned meat)

Silver medals:

1). Azu with mashed potatoes of ТМ Rossiyskaya Korona”

(culinary product/meat dish with garnish)

2). Azu with rice of ТМ Rossiyskaya Korona”

(culinary product/meat dish with garnish)

3). Stewed pork of ТМ Rossiyskaya Korona”

(Canned meat. Stewed meat)

Special award — small Cup by German Butchers' Association for high quality products!

IFFA 2016 is one of the largest and important events in the meat-processing industry, which covers the entire production chain, from slaughtering and dismembering, via processing, to packaging and sales.

Awards ООО “Produkty Pitania Kombinat” has won in Germany, once again prove the highest quality of our products!


Within the largest Russian exhibition of food products “Prodexpo-2016” international competition “the Best Product – 2016” was held. The winners were selected by an expert commission based on the results of the tasting contest among dozens best manufacturers.

According to the results of the international competition “the Best Product – 2016 products presented by Produkty Pitania Company Group received the following awards:

Gold medal — for the ready to cook product “Breaded chicken breast fillets” ТМ “Zolotoy Petushok”:


Gold medal — for the culinary product “Chicken nuggets, traditional” ТМ “Zolotoy Petushok”:


Silver medal— for the culinary dish ‘ “Bolognese” Lasagna' ТМ “Rossiyskaya Korona”:


Silver medal— for the ready to cook product «Potato snacks» ТМ “Zolotoy Petushok”:


Bronze medal — for the ready-made meal «Beef stroganoff with buckwheat» ТМ “Rossiyskaya Korona”:



On the 10th of November, 2014 according to consumers’ voting results the trademark "Zolotoy Petushok” for the second time won the "No.1 Brand" award in the category frozen processed food (consumers’ survey "National trademark")!



On the 11th of October, 2014 according to the results of "Agrocomplex 2014" exhibition  ООО "Produkty Pitania Kombinat" was awarded a diploma "The best Kaliningrad product 2014 in the nomination "Natural product" -  “Chicken nuggets "Traditional”, "Chicken breast fillet", Nuggets "Vkusnyashki" by "Zolotoy Petushok".

ТPC “Baltpticeprom” received a diploma in the group "Meat products" in the nomination "The best traditional meat product" – sausages “Fileinye”, half smoked sausage "Prusskaya".


At  the "Agrocomplex 2013” exhibit on October 11, 2013,  we received the following recognition:
"The best Kaliningrad product of 2013”  in the semi-finished product category for Rossiyskaya Korona trademark - "Zharkoe po-domashnemy"
 "Cordon Bleu cheese / ham" and "Breaded Chicken breast fillet" were nominated for the most original recipe  


"The best Kaliningrad product of 2013- in the meat products group"


Podukty Pitania won gold at the "Frozen Food - 2012".

"Breaded chicken breast fillet" and "Breaded Chicken Fillet Bits" were awarded in the "Frozen food" category


According to December 2012 consumer voting results, Zolotoy Petushok is the “#1 Brand” in the category of Frozen Convenience Food!


"Produkty Pitania" exhibited at "Agrocomplex 2012" on October,20, 2012, and received awards for  "Great product assortment" and "The best Kaliningrad Product - 2012" from the products -  "Goulash with macaroni" and "Azu with mashed potatoes" (Rossiyskaya Korona trademark).


"Produkty Pitania" has obtained the International Quality Certificate HACCP on February, 25, 2012


"Chicken breast fillet, pieces" by Zolotoy Petushok won gold and "The best in show" product at the taste showcase "KAZ-Food-2011​" in Kazakhstan on October 21, 2011.


Podukty Pitania won gold at "Frozen Food -2011":
"Chicken breast fillet, breaded" and "Filejnie" chicken meat cutlets were awarded in "Frozen food" category



Zolotoy Petushok won "Best in Kaliningrad-2010" in the following categories:
"Chicken nuggets with ham" - Frozen food category
"Pork stew"- Canned meat categor


Produkti Pinania won Gold at International Trade Show "Prodsib-2008" on December 11, 2008.  Chicken breast fillet, Grilled wings, and Chicken, various shapes by "Zolotoy Petushok" were leaders in "Best quality and innovation" category.




On December 11, 2008 Produkty Pitania took part in trade fair PRODSIB-2008 and received the Big Gold Medal at the Siberia Fair in recognition of High quality, original taste and attractive appearance of chicken meat products. The following three products were recognized at the event: Chicken Breast Fillet, Grilled Wings, and Shaped Chicken Pieces in Breading.

The wonderful taste of the “Chicken-in-Bread-Crumbs Cordon Bleu” won the golden medal and the “Best Product’ 2005” diploma at “PRODEXPO’2005”.


The silver medal and the “Best Product’2005” diploma were awarded to the “Filled Cheese Straws in Bread Crumbs” for their high quality.

The golden medal of the “Zolotaya Osen’2004” exhibition for the choice quality of the “Tenderloin Balls with Cheese/Ham Filling” and of the “Chicken Tenderloin Pieces in Bread Crumbs”.

The Company’s name entered in the “Green List” of the Russian Office of the Greenpeace signifying that the Company’s products are entirely non-GM.

The diploma of the Moscow Consumer Protection Society “For Contribution in Formation of Civilized Consumer Market in Russia”.