Outstrip people's desires on convenient products and grow faster than the market - these are our goals and aspirations!
— 2020-02-12 —

At the height of the exhibition, the President of the "Produkty Pitania" company Stefano Vlahovich, Vice President Damir Imamovich and Marketing Director Irina Demchenko talked with reporters and talked about the results of work in 2019 and plans for 2020. At the exhibition, "Produkty Pitania" company was the largest participant whose business and production is related to the Kaliningrad Region. "Produkty Pitania"  is a rapidly growing and dynamically developing company. The construction of its own production base in Kaliningrad began from scratch in 1998. For more than 20 years of dynamic development, the company has firmly taken a leading position in the frozen semi-finished products market due to its main competitive advantages:

·        One of the largest and most modern production facilities for the production of closed-loop ventures in Russia and the latest technologies, which always satisfy the needs of partners and consumers;

·        Own raw materials - quality control from raw materials to the finished product;

·        Innovative products that are ahead of the market - and / or on customer order;

·        Developed distribution network throughout Russia - effective customer service;

·        Active player in the Horeca market;

·        Optimum ratio: “reasonable price / high quality”;

·        The widest and diversified range of products under the TM “Zolotoy Petushok, Rossiyskaya Korona, Baltpticeprom and Perfetto.

·        High and stable quality of products is confirmed by constant demand in the market.

The market share of the "Produkty Pitania" company is about 20% according to AC Nielsen.

In 2020, Foodstuffs expects to increase its share in the segment of semi-finished products in the Russian market. According to Stefano Vlahovich, the most significant changes for the Company in 2019 were related to product quality - now 100% of nuggets, breaded and non-breaded products are made in Kaliningrad from chilled raw materials.

The new "Investment project" Construction of a vertically integrated poultry and poultry processing complex "is being implemented in the Kaliningrad region in the field of agriculture and processing production for primary and advanced processing of poultry meat. The implementation of the investment project includes the construction of 20 poultry farms for feeding chicken meat (area 2 180 sq.m.). Productivity 6.5 million heads per year. Volumes of poultry meat in slaughter weight of 10.5 thousand tons. Poultry houses are equipped with equipment for outdoor poultry; equipment from Big Dutchman, Germany, is used.

A hatchery with the necessary infrastructure was built in the Bagrationovsky district, the village of Ryabinovka. Productivity 45 million eggs per year. The project is based on the use of an incubator company Pas Reform, Netherlands. The total amount of financing the investment project is 1 billion 270 million rubles. Investments are fully utilized. Staffing: 594 people - the total number, 520 - production personnel.

This made it possible to increase both the total output of semi-finished products from poultry meat and the share of our own raw materials in the production of semi-finished products.

In total, in the region, the production of poultry products over the year increased by more than 13%. "Produkty Pitania" company  is one of the largest investors in the processing industry of the Kaliningrad region. The development plans and strategy of the company are to make investments in the modernization and expansion of our own production, in the latest technologies and related infrastructure, innovative products, in the development of a national sales system with the aim of further developing and strengthening our leading market status.

“We built the logistics so that fresh meat gets into production within 24 hours. From the side it may seem that this is not difficult: one region, the distance between the plants is 35 km. But to do this was not at all easy. Nevertheless, we succeeded, therefore, all of our products are made from chilled meat of broiler chickens grown on balanced natural feeds,” commented the President of "Produkty Pitania" company.

Baltpticeprom, a part of the "Produkty Pitania" company, is the largest producer of broiler meat in the Kaliningrad Region. Enterprise capacity in 2019 reached more than 35 thousand tons of poultry meat per year.

Fresh meat of broiler chickens also arrives on the shelves of the Baltptitseprom company network within a few hours from the moment of production.

In these convenience stores in the Kaliningrad region, the entire main assortment of "Produkty Pitania" company   is presented - broiler meat, offal, sausages, frozen and chilled semi-finished products, ready meals and canned goods. “No one in the Kaliningrad region can supply fresh poultry meat to the consumer in such a short time now,” says the vice president of the group, Damir Imamovich.

“The market for semi-finished products is growing more slowly than our share in it. I am pleased with the situation, since our growth is now high-quality, organic. With it we can develop and deepen production. We have “heroic products”, record holders. I am very pleased with the development of lasagna, because now its sales are the seven-digit number of boxes. And it’s hard to believe that once the buyer was so unfamiliar with her that we had to write “puff pie with meat” on the packaging. Now, and I am sure of this, the Russian buyer is absolutely ready to buy semi-finished products, and lasagna in particular,” commented Stefano Vlahovich, President of the Company.

Along with retail chains and retail sales of semi-finished products in Russia are actively developing through food service - small cafes, snack bars and fast food. "Produkty Pitania" company  pays close attention to the development of this area and is already collaborating with leading players in the Fast Food segment. Such as Burger King, Subway, Ikea and others.

Marketers are working on new offerings of fast food. According to analysts, this direction meets the growing demand of the audience for quick service and inexpensive food of good quality. In 2019, fast-food restaurants accounted for half of Russians spending on catering, while sales in food services grew by 20%.

 “When talking about the plans of an enterprise, we often encounter a skepticism: how can we forecast growth of 35-40%, if everyone sees that the expenses of the population are reduced, the average check is also not growing, and the profit at retail is either not growing or falling? But we draw attention to the fact that the approach to consumption is changing.  

10 years ago, people gave preference to bulk purchases in supermarkets, and now they objectively sell much less, but more often,” commented the Vice president of "Produkty Pitania" company 

In turn, in 2020, "Produkty Pitania" company plans to supply not only more semi-finished products, but also more canned goods and sausage products of its own production. Only in canned food in 2020 will be offered more than 10 new products. 

Stefano Vlahovich and Damir Imamovich confirmed plans for the development of these areas. The development will also receive a line of frozen ready-made dishes "Cuisines of the World."

Expanding the range of its products, the Group of Companies pays more and more attention to sales outside the territory of the Russian Federation: Kazakhstan, Belarus, Morocco, Algeria, Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan and other countries.