"Produkty Pitania" company won 13 medals following its participation in the International Competition "Best Product 2020" at the international exhibition "Prodexpo 2020"
— 2020-02-14 —




"Produkty Pitania" company  took part in the International Competition "Best Product 2020" at the "Prodexpo 2020" exhibition from February 10 to 14, 2020.

 Based on the results of participation in this competition, the company won 13 awards

7 gold medals by product:

- Lasagna "Bolognese" TM "Perfetto"

- Chicken meat sausage TM " Zolotoy Petushok "

- CHEVAPCHICHI TM “Rossiyskaya Korona”

- "Musaka" with eggplant chicken and cheese TM "Rossiyskaya Korona "

- Chicken Snack "Chicken Fries" spicy TM " Zolotoy Petushok "

- Chicken chop in sesame breading TM " Zolotoy Petushok "

- Nuggets with homemade potatoes TM " Rossiyskaya Korona "

5 silver medals:       

- Vegetable nuggets TM “Rossiyskaya Korona”        

- "Julienne Mushroom" with Bechamel sauce TM “Rossiyskaya Korona”

- Eggplant "Melanzana" with tomatoes and cheese TM “Rossiyskaya Korona”

- Oatmeal in coconut milk with candied fruits TM “Rossiyskaya Korona”        

- Rice porridge with coconut milk and pumpkin TM “Rossiyskaya Korona” 

1 bronze medal:

- Coins cheese with jalapeno pepper TM " Zolotoy Petushok "

Thank you for the appreciation of our products!