NEW! Launched a new line of Baltptitseprom from chilled chicken fillet from its own poultry farm: Crispy chicken nuggets and chicken nuggets with cheese!
— 2020-04-20 —


Produkty Pitania prepared and launched a new line of products under the brand name Baltptitseprom from chilled chicken fillet from its own poultry farm. Chicken nuggets with breaded cheese and crispy chicken nuggets are already on sale!


Both products are made from meat grown at the BALTPTICEPROM poultry farm, which has been growing poultry for more than 35 years and has established itself as a reliable producer and main supplier of poultry meat in the Kaliningrad region. Baltpticeprom annually increases the production of poultry meat. Volumes have more than doubled since 2016 (26 thousand tons) to 60 thousand tons in 2019.

In 2018, the vertically integrated poultry complex on the territory of 30 hectares was expanded, the construction of the hatchery was completed for 45 million eggs per year, the construction of a new cluster for 20 houses was completed. The next stages of modernization 2020-2024 are the construction and modernization of part of the cage storage houses, the modernization of the feed mill, and the modernization of the processing workshop.

And, of course, we will delight you with new products and our own chilled poultry!