Produkty Pitania has completed the next stage of vertical integration of the poultry business and is actively increasing export volumes
— 2020-07-15 —

On Wednesday, July 15, during the visit of Governor Anton Alikhanov to Produkty Pitania's poultry farm in the village named after Kosmodemyansky, the completion of the next stage of construction of a cluster for 20 poultry houses with a total investment of 1.5 billion rubles was announced.

Less than 3 years passed from the building of the premises to the completion of the construction of the 50,000 square meter cluster.

The construction of such a cluster will make it possible to produce more than 50% of finished products from our own raw materials.

Now Stefano Vlahovich's enterprise produces 36 thousand tons of poultry meat per year.

A third of it is sold directly to Kaliningrad residents, a third is spent on the production of semi-finished products at the enterprises of Produkty Pitania, and the rest is shipped to Kaliningrad meat producers.

“I have been working on the topic of poultry meat in Russia since the early 1990s, but I never thought that I would see such a degree of development,” Stefano Vlahovich addressed the participants of the event. - There are gentlemen Dolgovs here who produce corn in the region. It is used as feed for the two and a half million hens of the general herd that are kept here. In the south of the city there is an enterprise that processes chicken meat into semi-finished products. And now you see a photograph of an Arab on the stand. This is our real client in Morocco. So we are feeding North Africa. "

Produkty Pitania  supplies its products to 16 countries, but the company considers the African market the most promising. The climatic conditions there are not suitable for building their own poultry business, therefore, consolidation in these markets can become a guarantor of the stable development of Kaliningrad poultry farming and will allow doubling the volume of meat production, bringing it to 60 - 70 thousand tons of meat per year.

 Produkty Pitania actively supplies products to Morocco and Algeria.

Governor Anton Alikhanov thanked Mr. Vlahovich for his contribution to the development of the region and awarded the Order of Merit to the Kaliningrad Region.

During his speech, the head of the region called on Produkty Pitania to continue deepening the vertical integration of the business and prepare for the next stage breeding of broodstock : “These are complex projects, but we are ready to support them. In our opinion, these are important projects not only for the region, but also for the country as a whole. The issue of breeding work is the following. We have filled ourselves with raw materials, but the issue of critical dependence on imported components must be resolved, "Alikhanov said and promised in 2020-2021 to repair the road connecting the production facilities of the enterprise in the village named after Kosmodemyanskiy.

It is located on the territory of the municipality, and the company itself has no right to repair it.

Commenting on the words of the governor, Stefano Vlahovich noted that Russia has come a long way from being an importer of wheat to an exporter of agricultural products: “Russia today exports 100 million wheat. Its average price is $ 170 per ton. This means exports are $ 17 billion. If you make meat from this wheat, then these 17 billion dollars will turn into 60 billion dollars. And if semi-finished products are made from this meat, then it will cost $ 200-300 billion. And if it is not yet oil, then it is already something close to it, "said the head of Food Products.

However, one of the main priorities in the group of companies is a stable supply of affordable fresh chicken meat to Kaliningraders.

70% of the Baltpticeprom’s poultry sold in the region is sold within 36 hours after slaughter, and the nearby meat processing enterprises do not keep warehouses, since they are brought in raw materials within 6 hours directly from the slaughterhouse. A bird slaughtered in the morning ends up on the Kaliningraders' table in the evening, and this is not a figure of speech, but Kaliningrad reality, concluded Stefano Vlahovich.