Enjoy delicious food for Lent from March 7 to April 24, 2022!
— 2022-03-07 —

For the Great Lent, we have prepared an assortment of delicious products of «Rossiyskaya Korona». All of them received the blessing of the Danilov Patriarchal Monastery. Enjoy!
The brightest, most beautiful, instructive and touching time in the Orthodox calendar is the period of Great Lent and Easter.
Many people no longer doubt the beneficial effects of fasting on both the soul and the body of a person. Fasting (however, as a diet) is recommended even by doctors, noting the beneficial effects on the body of a temporary rejection of animal proteins and fats.
That is why we have prepared for Lent a special line of unique and delicious Lenten products "Monastic Traditions" under the brand name «Rossiyskaya Korona».

All Monastic Traditions products have been blessed by «Patriarchal Danilov Monastery» and are recommended for consumption during Lent. They are prepared in accordance with Orthodox Lenten recipes without the use of animal products.

Today we draw your attention to the products of «Rossiyskaya Korona»:
🔶 Potato zrazy with mushrooms (buy at Pyaterochka*, Carousel, Auchan, Ozone, Utkonos)
🔶 Vegetable fritters (buy at Pyaterochka*, Carousel, Auchan, Ozone, Utkonos)
🔶 Potato cutlets (buy at Pyaterochka* and Auchan)
🔶 Carrot cutlets (buy at Pyaterochka*, Ozone, Utkonos)
🔶 Buckwheat porridge with mushrooms (buy at Pyaterochka* and Auchan)
🔶 Rice porridge with coconut milk and pumpkin (buy at Pyaterochka*, Karusel, Vkus Vill (online order)
🔶 Oatmeal with coconut milk and candied fruit (buy at Pyaterochka*, Karusel)
🔶 Vegetable nuggets (buy at Pyaterochka*, Karusel, Auchan)
*Please note that the product can be purchased at Pyaterochka stores in all regions except Moscow.

For breakfast, you can take delicate vegetable pancakes, for lunch - mouth-watering zrazy with mushroom sauce, and for dinner - beautiful carrot cutlets or, for potato lovers, potato cutlets! Delicious, juicy vegetable products will be a great dish for you and your loved ones!
Made with love in the best traditions! Exquisite, delicious!