Canned food

Canned products meet government standard (GOST)!

Produced under the trademark of Zolotoy Petushok, Dobrotniy Produkt and Rossiyskaya Korona.  

  • GOST quality
  • produced from prime meat (beef, pork or chicken) and natural ingredients
  • whole muscle raw material without much fat and broth
  • free from carrageenan (E407), gel and soy
  • stability of high-quality product
  • a long shelf life cycle
  • fully-cooked product
  • a can marked with lithography, lid with opener for convenience (canned products ТМ “Rossiskaya Korona”)
  • the best “price/quality” ratio
  • the own production plant with an excellent company reputation
  • a well-known brand and continuous customer demand
  • a wide distribution network all around Russia and CIS (an accredited Government reserve supplier)
  • high demand and a good reputation of products on market
  • guaranteed order fulfillment
  • production under own brand and private label

Our Gusev canning plant is one of the accredited suppliers to the government reserve.