Rossiyskaya Korona

Rossiyskaya Korona – prepared with love in the best Russian traditions! Deliciously delicious. 

Assortment of products:

  • ready-made meals 
  • hot appetizers: julienne, "Musaka", Eggplant "Melanzana"

The key benefit of products natural ingredients, chiken dishes are prepared from chilled raw materials from our own poultry farm, all dishes have an unforgettable homemade taste.

We strive to develop ready-made meals offering a totally new assortment of products under the trademark “Rossiyskaya Korona”.

We are committed to meeting the demand of today’s consumers. It is our purpose to develop ready-made meals and offer new assortment of products under the trademark “Rossiyskaya Korona”. This product line meets consumers’ preferences by offering meals with whole pieces of meat, complex garnishings, and restaurant quality sauces. A great variety of meals suited to every taste!

Ready-made meals under the trademark Rossiyskaya Korona are fully cooked, ready to heat, and become complete meals in only 5-7 minutes

Due to consistent high quality of our products we have been honored the endorsement of the St. Daniel Patriarchal Monastery for LENT-DIET food production.

All meals are developed in accordance with orthodox lenten recipes.

These products have received the blessing of the St. Daniel Patriarchal Monastery.